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  1. How to create employee codes in HRMS

    Yes, It i possible You can do this by going to admin panel -> Settings -> employee Settings and change configuration as per your need.
  2. Hi folks! I've some fantastic, exciting news: we're announcing the global launch of Ajoft HRMS, which, as you may have guessed by the title, is a HRMS software for small to mid sized companies! We've been working on this release for a good year-and-a-half, with pilot versions in a few regions, research, analysis, tweaks and the rest of it, and out of all which we deduced the following: The HRMS will help company owners streamline their resources and focuses more on the profitability. During the analysis i was found that companies increased their productivity and profitability at-least 40% within first 3 months. The HRMS modules help companies keep track of all the crucial elements in running a company more efficiently. More details about the HRMS software is available on this link
  3. Version 1.3 is now available. In Version 1.3, we've focused on the email system with many exciting enhancements including: Rich-Text Formatting - now you can apply styles to your text, as well as bullet-ed and numbered lists, code blocks and more, thanks to the introduction of Markdown support Summernote Editor: Light weight summer note editor is now introduced to the portions of the applications Improved Notifications - a new simpler, clearer notification design keeps you better informed of activity and changes happening on the portal More Powerful Search - supporting multiple modules and order status concurrently allows you to build the report views that work for you Version 1.3 also introduces support for localizing email messages, descriptions and more with Easy Translation, Email Address Verification, Improved Email Notification Styling and more. How do I upgrade? Visit the download page to download the update. As this is a major update, no incremental patch version is available but the upgrade process remains the same. Simply upload the new files to your installation, visit the installer to make any required database changes and then update any custom templates as required.
  4. Not able to login to admin panel

    Just click reset link to reset the password for your account. Your new password will be sent to your email.
  5. Hotelare Admin permissions

    As answered by our support team, yes by mistake you disabled some privileges for your account type. Everything should be fine by now.
  6. Its very to do that with hotelare software. You just need to use our API code to include the booking system to your current existing website. Thanks
  7. Hotel booking software in arabic language

    As already answered by our support team previously, yes its possible to do this with hotelare software. Thanks
  8. Allow support for free products

    We understand your concerns. However, we do provide various support options for our clients which is listed on this page. https://www.ajoft.com/support/ Rest assured when you are using Ajoft product, you will always find us standing with you.
  9. Hotel Software Setup

    Hotelare software can be installed on your server within few minutes which anybody can install and it can be live immediately. However, custom features and custom designs might take some time depending on the complexity of the requirements.
  10. Hello, We are pleased to announce that we have officially launched discussion and support forums for users of Ajoft Technologies and Internet as a whole. This forum has been launched for the users of Ajoft who wish to discuss about Ajoft product and services. We would like to clear out the fact the the support provided in this forum is community powered and thus can be delayed. If you are a paid customer, you are encouraged to raise support ticket from your client area. You can also login through your facebook or twitter account, if you have one... There are no strict rules as such but please maintain the dignity of a professional discussion forum. There is a place for everyone here but please ensure that You do not use, link or promote adult materials,You do not use foul language,Respect Everybody,Never Spam,Do not use this place just for link building,