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    I already have an existing website which i don't want to migrate to hotelare immediately because of various reasons. However, i do want to take booking from hotelare software, Please tell me how to integrate reservation system with my existing website so that i can use my existing website and hotelare software together.
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    I have already bought a license of hotelare but i need to buy one more license for my friend. The problem is that his hotel targets Arabic speaking people. Another problem is Arabic language starts from right to left. Is it possible to use this software with Arabic language and if yes how? Please guide me. Thanks
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    Everything looks fine and i am impressed with the contents available of the website, but i do feel that proper hierarchy is missing. By this i mean that i went to the site but did not know how to get support. I downloaded one software but i wanted to know more about the software so i went to documentation section but i could not find any. Moreover, i dont know where to go now to get support. So, i think this should be improved.